Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sneaky Meatballs (Grain Free, Paleo and GAPS friendly)

The GAPS diet focuses heavily on soups and stews made with homemade stock.  Since my little ones' diets consisted primarily of finger foods before beginning the diet, getting them to eat soup was a bit tricky.  I also needed to hide the veggies in order to get them to eat cooked vegetables.  I started making them Sneaky Meatballs packed with veggies that I could serve in homemade stock to get them to eat.  These meatballs could also be eaten alone or served with your favorite spaghetti sauce.

Simply combine 2 lbs of ground meat (beef or turkey), 1 large carrot shredded, 1 zucchini shredded, 1 yellow squash shredded, and 1/2 a large onion shredded.

Just form them into balls and bake on cookie sheets for about 30 minutes.

They are great right out of the oven.  I typically make extra and freeze some for later use.  In order to freeze them, you'll need to first transfer the cooked meatballs onto a clean cookie sheet to freeze.  Once frozen, then transfer them to a large freezer bag to store.  Then you can pull out as many as you want at a time for a snack or meal for the kids.

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