Sunday, February 8, 2015

Favorite Kid-Friendly Dips

The best way to get a kid to eat something is to make it bit-size and give them a dipping sauce. The trick is to consider the dip an important source of nutrition too. Avoid added sugar, additives, and processed oils! Some of our favorite dips:
1. Ranch Dip (Dairy free and made with olive oil) -
2. Herb Gravy (Nourishing Bone Broth!) -
3. All natural Nut or Seed Butter
4. Fruit Dip (No added sugar/dairy free) -
5. Fermented Ketchup - (Probiotic Boost!) -…/
6. Salad Girl Dressings -
7. Guacamole - You can make it yourself, but I usually buy Organic Wholly Guacamole
My kids have this set of mini bowls and plates from IKEA, and the bowls have became their dipping bowls. They are the perfect size! -

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