Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breakfast in a Jiffy Please

I must admit that I am not a morning person, so cooking breakfast on early weekday mornings for the kids is just not going to happen.  My kids are also not the best breakfast eaters, so I just do my best in my zombie-like state to get something in them.  Their breakfasts are not too unusual for small kids, but I thought that I'd share our gluten free twist on breakfast.  Breakfast usually includes milk or yogurt, fruit, and some type of grain.


My daughter drinks soy milk every morning which is nice because I know that she's at least getting some protein.  Her little brother doesn't drink milk very well, so I typically feed him a GoGurt Simple yogurt.  I discovered this morning that I could sneak his antibiotics in with the yogurt with no complaints too.


We buy berries in bulk at Costco, so the kids typically have a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries with their breakfast.  Some mornings they have a "chocolate banana" which is just a banana with some Nutella.  I also keep squeezable applesauce on hand which my kid's love.

Squeezable Applesauce


Crunchmaster Crackers
Sun Butter
My daughter's favorite is to have some leftover homemade bread with nutella for breakfast.  See my post about our favorite bread (Gluten Free Bread).  Otherwise, she might have some Crunchmaster crackers with SunButter.  My oldest has a severe peanut allergy, so my little ones can't eat peanut butter due to the risk of accidentally exposing their brother to it.  He has no desire to eat anything resembling peanut butter, but the little kids love Sun Butter.

I also keep a few different types of dry cereal on hand.  Here's some of our favorites.

As a special treat, my kid's also like Van's gluten free waffles.

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