Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gluten Free Bread

My daughter turns her nose up to just about all of the pre-made gluten free breads.  For the most part, I make all of her bread.  Before we started the gluten-free lifestyle, I have to admit that I had never made bread mostly because I thought that it was difficult and time consuming.  After muddling through a few months of eating gluten free with basically no bread of any kind, I decided to give bread-making a try.  My mom got me a bread-maker for Christams last year, so I started off using a few of the bread mixes.  They were definitely better than the pre-made bread options, but they were still pretty expensive.  Eventually, I decided that maybe I could make it from scratch myself.  We have tried numerous different recipes, but this recipe is by far everyone's favorite.  The whole family enjoys this bread especially served just out of the bread-maker.

Delicious Gluten Free Bread

For this recipe, I use potato starch and oat flour.  I also use lemon juice and honey.

My bread-maker does not have a specific gluten-free setting, but the bread always turn out wonderful with the rapid rise cycle.  I use the "Food Network Programmable Breadmaker" from Kohl's which has worked just fine for me.

While the ingredient list may be somewhat daunting at first, it really isn't that difficult.  You can even mix up multiple batches of the dry ingredients at one time and save them until you're ready to make your next loaf.  The only downside so far is the mess on the counter from all of the bread crumbs when I slice up the bread.  I put the loaf on a cutting board, but the flaky crust tends to still make a mess.  Since I make bread on a regular basis, I have a added a bread slicer and breadkeeper to my wish list.


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