Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fast Food for Gluten Free Kids

Grabbing a snack or quick meal from a fast food restaurant just doesn't work for us.  I am gluten free and can eat a salad at many places, but like most preschoolers my daughter doesn't eat lettuce of any kind.  I suppose that we could get her a hamburger or grilled chicken sandwich without a bun, but she is not fond of that idea either.  Most of the time, we plan ahead and bring food with us for her, but sometimes life is hectic, and frankly, we are caught completely unprepared with a whiny kid from time to time.  In a pinch, we sometimes pick up an Apple Snackers from the Walmart produce section.  It comes with apple slices, grapes, and cheese cubes.  It's actually a big hit with both of my little ones ages one and three.  I have no idea why, but the kids won't eat apple peels at home, but they typically eat the apple slices peel and all from the snack packs.  Go figure!  Unfortunately, there's no drive through, but at least the produce section is usually near the entrance so it's pretty quick.  Sometimes, we also go to Wendy's where I will get a salad with grilled chicken and share some of my chicken with my daughter.  We also order her some apple slices and juice or milk, and she'll share some fries with dad.   You just need to check with the manager first to see if a separate fryer is used for the fries to make sure that are safe.

Here's a link to additional information about eating gluten free fast food:

Gluten Free Fast Food Options

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