Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Simple Beef Stew (GAPS)

One of the main components of the GAPS diet is nourishing bone broths, so soups and stews are a large part of our diet.  These are simple and delicious!  Our weekly Green Bean Delivery organic produce bin had multicolored carrots this week which made this stew not only tasty but also colorful.  Becoming a member of an online produce delivery service is a convenient way to get your organic produce.  My kids love opening up the bins and discovering what surprises we have to try.  This simple stew was made with homemade beef stock.  Here's a great video tutorial on How To Make Meat Stock if you need a little bit of guidance to get started.  I added some leftover roast, chopped carrots, fresh green beans, and chopped onion to the stock and cooked them for about 20 minutes until the vegetables were tender.  Then I just seasoned with some salt and pepper before serving.

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