Friday, February 14, 2014

What do my kids eat? Day 7 of 7


Here's my attempt at heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day.  I made my kid's favorite banana flax pancakes.  They were not perfect, but the kids were happy!

Morning Snack:

I grabbed a couple of LaraBar snack bars on the way out the door to gymnastics this morning.  The kids ate them in the van on the way home.  These bars are made with whole food ingredients including nuts and dried fruit and are a great option in a "snack emergency" as my daughter says.  While these are not safe for my teenage son with a peanut allergy, my little ones love them.  Their favorites are the Chocolate Coconut Chew and Coconut Cream Pie.


I needed an easy lunch today since I had two cranky, tired kids as a result of an early morning and long gymnastics class.  Leftovers to the rescue!  They had some leftover "saucy meatballs" from last night's dinner and cucumber sticks.

Afternoon Snack:

Since today was Valentine's Day, we did have some homemade chocolate hearts for our snack along with some coconut milk.


For dinner tonight, we had roast chicken with carrots and mashed cauliflower.  To make mashed cauliflower, I first saute half a small onion and a couple of cloves of garlic in coconut oil in the bottom of a large pan.  Then I add about 2 cups of chicken stock and one head of cut-up cauliflower pieces to the pan and cook until tender.  Finally, I use an Immersion Hand Blender to mash the cauliflower.  While my kids will not eat either raw or cooked cauliflower florets, they love it mashed.

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