Sunday, February 9, 2014

What do my kids eat? Day 2 of 7


Today's morning juice was carrot and apple.  For a special treat, we had bacon with our eggs.  Yes, bacon is on the avoid list in the GAPS diet book, but I was able to find some uncured bacon without sugar at Costco that is safe (Coleman Natural Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon).  Hurray!  It's one of our favorites!

Morning Snack:

The kids call this loved snacked "Ants on a Log."  It's just a 1/2 banana with Organic Sunbutter and raisins.  You could use any nut or seed butter.  Quick, easy and delicious!


I made Italian Meatball Soup for lunch.  It is a beef stock based soup with a jar of strained tomatoes, a chopped onion, and carrot slices served with homemade Italian Meatballs with some hidden chia seeds.  I use Bionaturae Strained Tomatoes.  BPA in the lining can be problematic in canned goods particularly with tomato products due to their acidic nature, so I like that this product is sold in a glass jar.  Italian Meatballs recipe coming soon!  How do you get little kids to eat broth?  Let them drink it with a straw! Less mess and more fun for the kids!

Afternoon Snack:

The kids finished up the Energy Balls that we made yesterday and had a handful of blueberries for snack.


Dinner was not exactly a culinary masterpiece, but the kids like it.  We had baked spaghetti squash with Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo sauce and some leftover chicken.  I substituted chicken stock for the water in the recipe to increase the healing power of the meal.  According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, bone broth is important for "healing and sealing" your gut, so it is an important component of the GAPS diet .  Therefore, I add broth into recipes whenever possible.

Bedtime Snack:

I told the kids that we didn't have much color for dinner, so they needed to choose a colorful snack.  They decided to have a Berry Coconut Smoothie.  Check out the simple recipe from this previous post.

Berry Coconut Smoothie Recipe

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